Hair Replacement

Non Surgical Procedures

Our clinic offers Hair Replacement, Cranial Prosthesis, and Medical wigs.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement

If you experience scarring (Cicatricial) Alopecia, Irreversible, premature, and/or medical hairloss Non surgical Hair Replacement may be a great solution for you. We use the highest Quality of Human Hair. This pain free non-surgical procedure can help restore ones confidence, comfort and self esteem. Your customized system will look and appear as if hair is growing directly from your scalp and feel as if it’s your very own.

Hair loss of any kind can be mentally and emotionally devastating. Non-Surgical hair replacement can help restore one’s confidence and self esteem. Our mission and goal is to help during a potentially trying time.

Medical Wigs

Medical wigs are a great solution for comfort and convenience while undergoing Trichological therapy, Radiation or Chemotherapy treatment. Permanent and temporary hair loss due to medical treatment can lower confidence and self esteem. We offer private fittings by appointment only. Emerge Trichology HRC works with Patients under physician care with conditions such as diabetes, Thyriod Disease, hypertension, Lupus, auto-immune Disease, even PTSD related stress.

Cranial Prosthesis

**VA (Veterans Administration) Covers 100% of the cost of your Cranial Prosthesis Wig**
Cranial prosthesis is a Revolutionary Solution to men and Women including cancer and burn patients. Our unique Medical Grade custom 3D natural scalp caps are hypoallergenic and can be worn during most medical treatments such as chemotherapy and scalp injections. Our therapeutic cap is ideal for Cancer, Lupus and Alopecia Patients. It provides comfort for tender skin, helps prevent wig slippage, is made of medically approved materials, acts as a cushion between wig and scalp, and allows airflow so the scalp can breathe. Our caps do not absorb body fluids or oils and is X-ray transparent and hypoallergenic.


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We are proud to service our Veterans Thank you for your service to our great nation! We are a preferred Vendor for the Department of Veterans affairs.