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At Emerge, our expert team gets to the root causes of hair loss by addressing underlying health conditions and applying natural solutions that lead to lasting hair and scalp health.

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In Office or Telehealth Consultations

Meet with Certified Trichologist Dr. Lekeesha McLowry. She will personally talk to you about your hair loss, help determine the causes, recommend appropriate blood testing, and offer treatment options to successfully address your hair loss or scalp needs. The consultation takes up to one hour. In addition, consultation includes hair density check, digital microscopic examination of hair follicle & scalp and polarized microscopic examination of hair bulb and cuticle.

During your first visit you will go through a consultation that will last up to an hour. During this visit you will talk with Dr.Lekeesha McLowry about your hair loss, determine cause and receive a recommended Treatment plan.

The may consultation include:

  • Patient Profile
  • Review of medical history and Labs
  • Trichoscopic Exam
  • Zyto Health scan
  • Hair check and Density count
  • Blood type testing
  • Derma Scope analisys
  • Tensile strength analysis
  • Specialty Physician referral if needed
  • Dietary Evaluation
  • Digital photo may be take for hair loss progressive assessments (the face
    will not be shown)
  • An in-depth consultation about your body systems deficiencies or
  • A recommended program to help balance the body

Financing/ Payment options

Our Payment and financing options include:

  • We accept most major insurances
  • 100% covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Carecredit Master Card
  • Use your FSA/ HSA
  • Get Treatment now, Pay Later with Cherry. Instant approvals only seconds to apply.

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Office - Emerge Trichology Hair Restoration Center

6535 Gunn Hwy, Tampa Fl, 33625


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