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Hair loss is a direct reflection of a person’s health. This idea is the driving force behind Emerge Trichology Restoration Center, a hair restoration and replacement clinic based in Tampa. At Emerge, our expert team gets to the root causes of hair loss by addressing underlying health conditions and applying natural solutions that lead to lasting hair and scalp health.

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Our Mission

Emerge Trichology Restoration Center was founded by Dr. L. McLowry, a Clinical Trichologist specialized in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the human hair and scalp. She founded Tampa’s only full-service Trichology Center with a mission to share her hair health and wellness expertise with clients facing a range of difficult hair and scalp conditions.
Hair loss can affect a person at any life stage. Anyone who has struggled with hair loss from thyroid disease, a hormonal imbalance, anemia, chemotherapy treatments, or emotional trauma understands intimately the crushing humiliation and loss of confidence this can cause. At Emerge, we are committed to being your partner and champion as you search for lasting solutions to your hair loss problem. We provide a multi-therapeutic and tricholistic approach to hair restoration that focuses on healing the body first in order to heal the hair and scalp.
When there is a failure large or small in one of our internal health systems, hair can serve as a barometer giving us one of our first warning signs that something is wrong. In addition, when any one of our body systems lacks essential nutrients or minerals, the body may pull these essential nutrients and minerals from the hair, skin and nails first, causing premature hair loss or thinning.

We address hair loss in the early stages, before the hair follicle dies, as we find the greatest success in treating hair loss at its onset. Our goal is to identify a client’s underlying health problems and then prescribe a natural and holistic healing regimen that creates the healthy internal environment necessary for hair to thrive. For those who are in more advanced stages of hair loss, Dr. McLowry is Florida’s only licensed Cranial Prosthesis Practitioner providing custom wigs for patients who have lost their hair due to medical conditions or treatments. We have a special passion for serving those who served us and offer free wigs to America’s veterans as the only preferred provider under the Veterans Affairs Mission Act for Cranial Prosthesis.
Don't suffer the humiliation of hair loss in silence! Find out why clients rate Emerge Trichology as Tampa Bay’s top hair restoration expert. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation to share your hair loss story and learn how Dr. McLowry and her team can help!

Dr. Lekeesha McLowry

Dr. Lekeesha McLowry, PhD, NM

Dr. L. McLowry is Certified Clinical Trichologist specialized in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the human hair and scalp. She founded Emerge Trichology, the only full-service Trichology Center in Tampa, Florida, to share her hair health and wellness expertise with clients facing a range of hair and scalp conditions.

Dr. McLowry’s career path was permanently rerouted after her teen daughter lost all her hair. Her daughter, who was suffering from a kidney disorder, lost her hair as a side effect from medications to treat her health condition. At the time, Dr. McLowry had worked as a cosmetologist for 20 years. Her daughter’s heartbreaking and humiliating hair loss set Dr. McLowry on a mission to find answers. She decided to study trichology, or the branch of medicine focused on issues of the hair and scalp. Her studies led her to become a Certified Hair Loss Practitioner in 2016. The following year, she graduated from the World Trichology Society and was inducted into the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Today, Dr. McLowry is a Certified Clinical Trichologist known for helping clients from all backgrounds in the Greater Tampa Bay area treat a range of hair and scalp problems, addressing underlying causes of common hair conditions by applying holistic and natural treatment regimens that help restore a person’s health, beauty, and confidence. She is also the only licensed Cranial Prosthesis Practitioner in the state of Florida providing wigs to military veterans suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions.

In addition to helping clients restore their hair and scalp health through Emerge Trichology, Dr. McLowry has also given workshops through the Look Good Feel Better program from the American Cancer Society and is an active member of the American Hair Loss Council. Passionate about healing from the inside out, she is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Philosophy in Functional medicine program at the Kingdom College of Natural Health to better understand how holistic health can contribute to healthy hair and scalp.


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We are proud to service our Veterans Thank you for your service to our great nation! We are a preferred Vendor for the Department of Veterans affairs.