Hair Loss

Hair Loss is a direct Reflection of your overall health.

There are many causes of hair loss.The primary cause is both male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness, affecting almost 50% of adult males and 25% of adult women. This cause of hair loss is directly related to changes in your hair’s nutrition, levels of DHT and proper scalp hygiene.

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Auto immune diseases - an immune reaction attacks the hair at the root (or
follicle). Anti-bodies attack hair tissue as if they were foreign invaders.

Chemotherapy or Radiation exposure - Irradiation therapy or exposure to radiation from any source can cause localized or total hair loss, sometimes permanently.

Iron deficiency anemia - very common with women but also can affect men.

Hormonal changes - due to pregnancy, birth control pills, menopause and/or illnesses

Thyroid disease - either hypothyroid or hyperthyroid disease causes hair to become brittle and break resulting in localized or generalized loss. Correction of the thyroid condition usually causes hair to re-grow.

Excessive or lack of vitamins - too much vitamin A can cause hair loss. Medicines – some prescription and over the counter meds can foster side effects such as hair loss (see below). Usually, when the medication is discontinued, the hair re-grows.

Androgenic Alopecia – the body’s immune system is sensitized to increased levels of DHT in the scalp causing hair loss in these high concentrated DHT areas. (DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone, causes 95% of all hair loss.

Alopecia totalis/universalis – immune sensitivity to a substance other than DHT.

Common Types of Hair Loss

Common Hair Loss causes include the following:

  • CCCA Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Hormonal Hair loss
  • Traction/ Traumatic Alopecia
  • Lupus/Chemotherapy induced
  • Androgenetic Hair Loss
  • Cranial Surgery
  • Telogen Effluvium

Common Scalp Disorders

Dandruff - Dandruff, put simply, is the hyper-production of skin cells often linked to P. Ovale Fungus. Skin cells are produced and shed too quickly which causes flakes of dead skin to fall off the scalp. Millions of Americans have this chronic disorder. The unmistakable symptoms of dandruff are white, oily-looking flakes of dead skin covering the hair and shoulders, and an itchy, scaly scalp.

Psoriasis - Psoriasis is a chronic (long lasting) skin and scalp disease of scaling and inflammation that affects an estimated 1 in 50 Americans with 150,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Psoriasis occurs when skin cells quickly multiply below the surface of the skin and accumulate on the surface before they have a chance to mature. Usually, skin cell turnover takes about a month, but with Psoriasis the process occurs in only a few days. Typical Psoriasis results in patches of thick red, inflamed skin covered with silvery scales referred to as plaques which usually itch and feel sore. Psoriasis is believed to be caused primarily by an immune system disorder, genetics, infections, stress, or medication.

Sebborheic Dermatitis - Oily scalps tend to suffer most from dandruff because an oily scalp supports the growth of yeast (P. Ovale Fungus). Seborrheic Dermatitis, or oily scalp, skin and hair is not just a problem during the teenage years. There has been a marked increase in excessive oily scalp in older men and women which is believed to be hormone-related, resulting in excessive sebum production.

Oily Scalp - Oily Scalp, also known as seborrhea, is characterized by a state of overly active sebaceous glands. This is contributed to by age, gender, and individual hormone levels.

Dry Scalp - Dry scalp, hair and skin is occasionally suffered by everyone. When there is not enough water in the scalps outer layer, the scalp becomes flaky, itchy and unsightly. Characterized by a tight feeling scalp and dry skin flakes falling from the scalp. The most common causes of dry scalp are climate, swimming pools, excessively hot water, genetics, sun exposure, and harsh shampoos that dissolve the natural sebum on the scalp and remove moisture.


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